Look for 3 Greens!

OmniTrader automatically provides GREAT trading candidates every day using three powerful ingredients:

1. Trading Signals
2. Chart Psychology
3. Indicator Setups

1. Signal
Automatically apply multiple Trading Strategies to find prime Buy and Sell Signals across a specific, targeted list. Signals are the first ingredient to a successful trade. A Green Signal = Buy Opportunity.

2. Psychology
Next, apply advanced Chart Pattern Recognition to find Trend Lines,Support Resistance, Price Gaps, and other patterns, and display them as circles in the list. A Green Pattern = Bullish Psychology.

3. Setup
Finally, analyze each chart for Indicator Setups across multiple timeframes. A Green Setup in the 60 Minute, Daily, and Weekly charts is Bullish, and means the odds of an upward move in any of them is greatly increased.

Just look for GREEN-GREEN-GREEN!

3 Greens

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As impressive as the OmniTrader Focus List is, it’s just the beginning of OmniTrader's trading power. It’s easy to make money when you have the right tools!

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